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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bradrick/Brown wedding

This picture says it all. The whole day was this happy for everyone.

There is more to come. In the meantime go to and click on Doug's Blog. He captures the whole meaning of the day. Also go to the photographer has a web site with some pictures at

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Everybody and everything needs a paint job sometime so the "bug" is off to be painted. I think I heard it will come back RED.

Preparations for Kelly's wedding

The tent is up now after having been downed by a storm last month.
Claudia has made all of the batter for her sister's wedding cake. She knows the recipe by heart. It is a pound cake. The crumbs are delicious.

Claudia and Hannah Blevins are hard at work polishing silver. Seventy seven cutting boards had to be oiled to be ready for all the French bread to be cut at the tables.

Preparations for Kelly's wedding

No self respecting water cooler would be seen at a wedding without the proper "wedding cover".

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Some of the preparations for Peter's and Kelly's wedding

Blair has made the most beautiful loaves of french bread...32 loaves, in fact. Others are baking for the wedding, also.

David is making sure that the property is well manacured for the big day.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Mary to Fredericsburg, TX

Unfortunately, I did not take a camera to TX. There was a wedding shower for Kelly on Friday July 28 and I really wanted to be there but couldn't justify going. However, Libby called to say that she was having a breakfast for the "Wednesday walking group" on Wednesday July 26 so I quickly made reservations and flew on the 25th. What a delightful time I had seeing my special friends of several years. We had shared so much of our lives together.

An added bonus was going shopping and finding the clothes to wear to Kelly's wedding.

Libby and I both attended the shower in San Antonio at the home of Beall Phillips. It was lovely and we met so many people who will be part of Peter and Kelly's lives there.

This four day, spur of the moment trip was filled with visiting with friends, having breakfast on the porch, shopping and enjoying my sister Libby.

Next time Bill will be there. He was missed by all.

Blair's garden

Blair has planted several varieties of sun flowers. We get to enjoy fresh sunflower bouquets in the house everyday.

Theis is one of the many sunflowers.

We have had tomatoes and squash so far from Blairs raised, box garden.

You can hardly see Maggie the Dachshund with Mollie the chocolate Lab. Of course, you can't miss Claudia.

Percy's kittens

Percy is the perfect mother. She had three white babies and three orange ones. Percy's babies are very much in demand.

This is the original birthplace. Claudia followed Percy into the woods to find the babies. They are all in the garage now so that they can be held and loved till homes are found. There is already a waiting list.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Here we are having lunch with JoAnn, Sarah and Bobby in Washington.