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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Tsantles

Blair and Taylor
Taylor preached his own wedding message. It was a call for all to consider Christ and that the marriage ceremony is a picture of Christ as head of the Church, His Bride, as the husband is head of his bride.

The photographer called for all those related on both sides. We assembled and she was amazed and said, " are ALL of you REALLY related?"
Yes, Lester was there.
The reception was at the barn. So walk through the barn and out to the tent for cookies, cheese cakes, sweet breads and soup and artisan bread.

The wedding cake was a cheese cake all dressed up in wedding finery.
Off they were taken in the golf cart to the neighbors to change into travel attire.


Blogger Adam and Cody said...

Looks absolutely beautiful! What barn is it that was used for the reception??

1:43 PM  

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