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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Calvary Church, Placentia

Calvary Church, Placentia is the church which gave our family a firm foundation in Scripture and a love for God's people. Pastor John Tebay pastored the church for 40 years and now his son, David is serving as the pastor. When we return to CA, it is a joy to attend and see so many faithful friends. John's wife, Grace has had significant influence in our lives, too.

This church was founded in 1926 by Charles Fuller. Fuller seminary in Pasadena was named after him.

The Terra Cotta Warriors from China

When Qin, the first Emporor of China began his reign, he had thousands of people begin to make these Warriors, entertainers, and animals.  The purpose of all this was to guard his tomb and to protect him in the after-life. However, three years after his death his enemies discovered them and smashed them and burned them.  The Warriors were buried and forgotten until 1974 when a farmer was digging for a well and uncovered one of the heads.  Seven thousand have been unearthed and there are many more.  It has been a painstaking process to reconstruct the figures after being smashed. The tomb has not yet been excavated.  

Oh, what man will do to satisfy his own ego.  Qin was very cruel and slaughtered many thousands of lives in the process.

Qin did standardize the weights and measures of China and he did standardize the written language of China. 

This exhibit is being shown at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, CA just a 15 minute ride from Carol's house. Only twelve of the Warriors, several horses, and some cranes were on display.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fredericksburg, TX September, 2008

The Museum of the Pacific War sponsored a Symposium on the retaking of the Philippines and the battle of Iwo Jima. Bill was invited to be on one of the panels for Iwo Jima.  He said it was fun and we all thought he did a great job.
Because Bill was a panelist, we attended were invited to two beautiful, delicious, banquets and several other special events.

We three sisters and our friend Sandie Townsend helped the participants sign the poster designed especially for this event. It is always a good opportunity to get to know the veterans and authors.

Lunch with Kelly and Triumph in San Antonio. What a little man he is!

The Biedermann home is called Ryneth.  As you can see, we are having breakfast-as is.
Art Burry stayed with us and he was recognized at the symposium for riding out six days in a life raft after his engine quit in one of the most powerful hurricanes to hit the Pacific. This storm crippled Admiral Halsey's fleet.

Introducing Triumph to Howard Townsend.
An added bonus of the trip to Fredericksburg was that the "Holmsley Siblings" were together.
Brother Tom had just returned from the Republican Convention where he served as a delegate from Texas.