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Monday, August 07, 2006

Mary to Fredericsburg, TX

Unfortunately, I did not take a camera to TX. There was a wedding shower for Kelly on Friday July 28 and I really wanted to be there but couldn't justify going. However, Libby called to say that she was having a breakfast for the "Wednesday walking group" on Wednesday July 26 so I quickly made reservations and flew on the 25th. What a delightful time I had seeing my special friends of several years. We had shared so much of our lives together.

An added bonus was going shopping and finding the clothes to wear to Kelly's wedding.

Libby and I both attended the shower in San Antonio at the home of Beall Phillips. It was lovely and we met so many people who will be part of Peter and Kelly's lives there.

This four day, spur of the moment trip was filled with visiting with friends, having breakfast on the porch, shopping and enjoying my sister Libby.

Next time Bill will be there. He was missed by all.


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