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Saturday, December 08, 2007

O# 9n the Road

On the Road in California # 9
November 17, 2007

On this day we left for a week’s stay at our time share in Escondido, CA. We drove east on hwy 91 to I-15 south. Escondido is half way between Los Angeles and San Diego. It is surrounded by hills. Over the hills one the west side is the Pacific Ocean and over the hills on the east side is desert, desert., desert.
We drove past Lake Elsinore. Most of the area is a dry lake bed where parachute jumpers jump most every day. There were several in the sky billowing their way to earth.
Avocado groves cover many of the rocky hillsides and we saw the evidence of the raging fires that consumed so much of the hillsides. Avocados will be very expensive this year.
Near by is Mt. Palomar which houses a 200 inch telescope. At one time it was the largest telescope in the world.
Two couples who have been very significant in our lives came for lunch. Pastor John and his wife, Grace taught us and discipled us for many years. You have heard Scott express gratitude many times for John Tebay. We have a long history with Gordon and Carol Brushwyler at church, small groups, bible studies, camping and on and on. Gordon was Scott’s best man when Scott and Deborah married. Being with them warms our hearts.
Carol and Christina were able to spend several days with us. Fred had to work.

November 22 Thanksgiving was spent with Fred, Carol, Christina, Fred’s brother and his family and his sister and family. There is so much for which to be thankful.

November 24th we drove over a winding mountain road to the town of Ramona where Scott had his first church and where he and Deborah were married.
Just as we came off the mountain on level ground we saw a pillar of white smoke. Another brush fire had started so the sky was full of helicopters and planes dropping red flame retardant and firefighters were all over the place. Just three weeks ago the whole town of Ramona had been evacuated because of the threatening fires. We were able to get through to see Deborah’s Aunt Sue who still lives there.
She took us to lunch at the Ramona Café which had many paintings of WWI and WWII planes. The owner also makes models of many of the planes and had them hanging from the ceiling. Bill could hardly eat. He was walking around taking pictures.
November 27
Our church supported Eldon and Martha Larson as Missionary Aviation Fellowship missionaries in Brazil. They developed a work there many years ago of taking the gospel to the remote parts of the Amazon and to airlift the sick back forth. They also flew many government dignitaries around the country. It was their goal to encourage and disciple the Brazilians believers to take over the work and that has happened. I’m telling you this because Deborah’s Aunt Sue was also a missionary in Brazil and when we had lunch with Eldon and Martha, Eldon talked about flying Sue around the country.
November 28
The Santa Ana winds have kicked up today. These winds come from the desert and through the Santa Ana Canyon and on to the Pacific Ocean. They are hot and dry, and dry out the vegetation and increase the possibility of conflagrations. (Look it up) Last month, the satellite pictures showed that much of the hillsides from Santa Barbara to the Mexican border were ablaze.

Finally, all is calm and some rain has come. However, there are mudslides where the fire burned the vegetation on the hills. We are thankful to be flatlanders.

We are having a great time of renewing old friendships and eating our way through every restaurant in Orange County.

We have seen many categories of people who are significant in our lives.
There are cousins, believers, unbelievers, nephews, sisters, daughters, son-in-laws, granddaughters, widows, and old neighbors. We are thankful for each of them
Name all the different connections you have in your life and be thankful for each of them.
Love, Gan and GranMary