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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Up, up and away in a hot air balloon

At dusk on Saturday September 9 this gorgeous hot air balloon landed on an open area of the farm. We all ran up to see it, well, Bill and I rode up in the truck. The owner graciously tethered the balloon and took two of us at a time up above the tree tops. It was such a smooth gentle ride and so quiet till the burner goes off to keep the balloon aloft.

Life after the wedding.

This is why I don't miss my kitchen. Blair is the chief cook now but does get some help from the rest of us.

Time out for frozen custard at Goodberry's

This building was a Chevrolet Dealer in the 1930's so when Scott acquied it he restored the name and it houses the Classic Cars and several offices.

Window shopping downtown Wake Forest and having tea at the Olde English Tea Room

Elizabeth Fitzgerald and her four daughters came from Cambria, CA a week before the wedding to help. Then they stayed a week later to get things back in order. Can't imagine pulling this production off with out them. The wedding would not have gone as smoothly if they had not done the miriad tasks necessary. Pictured are Deborah then Elizabeth, Dottie, Claudia, Hillary. Blair Emily and Mary. Clair took the picture. Claudia and Dottie were all dressed up in their Colonial dresses to have tea.
dresses getting ready to go to Tea in Wake Forest.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tom Albright celebrates 70 years

Deborah's dad celebrated his 70th birthday on Saturday August 2 the day before his actual birthday. All of his children and 22 grandchildren plus his brother and sister and a nephew from California were there, a few friends and other relatives. It was a great time.
There was a pig-picken. The whole pig is roasted all day. We have experienced several pig-pickens here. Several pigs are roasted on Memorial Day and the Bradricks had a pig-picken for the rehearsal dinner. Carolina barbecue sauce is mostly vinegar and spices. It has taken some getting used to. It tastes better each time. However, there is nothing to compare with Texas barbecue.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Tropical Storm Earnesto

Tropical storm Earnesto blew through in the early morning hours and kept us all awake with the strong winds and torrential rains. The power was out for about six hours so David whipped up pancakes and he and Dottie Fitzgerald cooked our breakfast on the camp stove. We heated water for coffee and tea. We had no damage. Fortunately the day was cool so we did not miss air conditioning.