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Friday, August 29, 2008

Indiana, Indiana, Indiana

We, all the Browns, flew into Indianapolis on Wednesday. Barry met us and drove us to the home of the Damings in Fairland, just south of Indianapolis.
Thanks to all the Daming family for making our 10 days with you so very comfortable, delicious, fun, interesting and educational.
Our first day was a restful day, then on Friday, we were joined by the Ruiz family and some of the Dohm family at the Creation Museum. We were all very impressed with the quality and the clear message of Creation that was presented.
A conference titled, "What is a family integrated church?", began Friday night and continued through Sunday. Scott and Jason Dohm were the speakers.
The church in Anderson, IN which sponsored the conference, is a small congregation but they put on very successful conference which drew almost 500 people from all over.

Monday was a collapse day but on Tuesday things began to happen. The men and boys with to a construction site and the boys got to operate some huge equipment. David's task was to break an earthen damn. It looked like a lot of fun.
The women and girls went to the Goodwill to shop. The next stop was the Goodwill Outlet which was a new cultural experience for the Browns. It would take too long to tell about it here but suffice it to say we got several good things and paid by the pound.

Wednesday was Olympics day. There were relay races and throwing a stone the likes of which is thrown at the Highland Games in Scotland. The Damings brought this stone from Iona, Scotland last month. Then down to the handball court to play Wally Ball. I don't remember which team won but it was a lot of fun to watch.

We were the spectators watching from the great porch that wraps the house.

Thursday, we went to the Anderson Apple Orchard. What a beautiful, well kept orchard it was.
There were several varieties that were ready and several we had never heard of, for instance Mollys. Boy, were they crisp, juicy and good.

Look at that corn!!  Corn and soybeans were growing everywhere. 

This is a view of the playground from the living room and the tennis court is on the left. A lot of tennis was played and Bill even hit a few balls.

The Anderson Apple Orchard.

We are all enjoying caramel apples and apple slush.

This doesn't fit the Indiana story but here is a field of tobacco near us.  There is still a lot of tobacco grown here.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Till later

We will be signing off for about two weeks.  We and all the Browns are off to Indiana to visit with the Damings.  Scott and Jason Dohm have a Regional Family Integrated Church conference there and Scott is teaching on Sunday. On August 15 several families from the church here will join us to go to the Creation Museum in Kentucky.  
We will tell you all about it.
Till later, Bill and Mary

Thursday, August 07, 2008

One year old Triumph Perseverance


Blueberry picking

The day was overcast and not very humid so we set off to pick blueberries.

Here is the fruit of our labors. Deborah, Blair, Claudia and Mary along with the Breagy family picked eighty and a half pounds of berries.  Now for the process of freezing them and being able to enjoy them all year long. UMMMMM
Claudia and Grace, Stephen, Shea and Samuel Breagy are very eager to get started.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Porters are here! The Porters are here!

August 3rd Jerry and Elsa Porter, from California, arrived just in time for dinner. Later we celebrated Bev Cole's birthday. Of course, she was in Brea, California but we had a good time eating Texas Sheet Cake and ice cream and singing Happy Birthday.

August 4 was a whole day of missed photo opportunities. We took a trip to the see the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh. Then back to Wake Forest for lunch at the Old English Tea Room. Back to the farm for dinner and a ride in Scott's WWII jeep.
Oh well, next time.

August 5   UMMMMM. Claudia made a delicious Quiche for Breakfast with a side of her home made yogurt, hence the happy contented looks.
Higher, higher.
Farewell, dear friends.  Please come back.  Lester and Molly came by to say their good-byes.