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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Joys

Saturday morning April 10, Peter and Kelly treated us to a delicious Belgian Waffle breakfast. Yummmmmy!
Knox and Triumph loved the whipped cream.

Left to right Peter, his brother, Stephen, Tyler Hutchinson, Scott, Bill Blair, Claudia.
At the other end of the table left to right Blair, Claudia Knox behind Claudia, Deborah, Triumph, Kelly and Peter.
the Bradricks purchased 50 baby chicks. Forty eight have survived. The boys are fascinated with them. The chicks will grow up to be laying hens. There are two roosters in the mix. One is black.

Another sign of spring is pollen. This year was a bumper year for pollen. Every thing was covered in yellow: cars, animals, roads, people....everything. Claudia's little black dog was covered in yellow dust. The pollen blew like blowing snow and the air was yellow like smog. The ponds were covered, then a wind came up and blew it all to the edges.
Finally, a heavy rain came and washed it all from the trees and cars and roads and now everything is beautiful as spring should be.


Blogger Brittany Hutchison said...

That looks like you guys had a really fun time!!!!!


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