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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Recouperating at Emerald Isle beach

Scott and David left to go to a Conference in Phoenix, AZ on Family Integrated Churches where Scott was one of the speakers. Deborah called her parents to see if their beach house was abailable. It was, so Deborah, Blair, Claire, Claudia, Grace and Bill and I drove the three hours to Emerale Isle, NC. for a three day respite. Deborah and the girls really needed the rest after all the work for the Father/Son retreat. Bill and I are mostly bystanders and enjoyers.( Is that a word?)
The weather was perfect and the view was spectacular. Dolphin were playing and the Pelicans were gliding and diving.

Claire and Blair.....Claire Fitzgerald is visiting Blair from Cambria, California.

Claudia and Grace Breagy found endless pleasures on the beach.

Now we are all home and planning the next go around of travels.

To be continued...........

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Father/Son Retreat Oct. 2007

By the time the day was over the hill was covered with the tents and RV's for 200 men and boys gathered for the Father/Son retreat. They came from many parts of the country. There was a group from the Bronx, California, Tennessee, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Florida, Indiana and on and on. They were all hungry to become better Biblical fathers and sons.

Deborah and the women of the church planned and prepared meals and snacks for all these hungry people.

There were times of fun and times of serious teaching on the relationship of fathers and sons. There was a canoe trip down the Neuse River. There was swimming, fishing, kayak racing and shooting arrows at water balloons in the pond. The pond was the community bath when needed(of course with bio-degradable soap.)

Lester barbecued chicken for the first night.

Scott and the Helwigs.

Well, they were the servers and preparers and were allowed to eat.

Many of the men and boys stayed for Sunday, so church was held in the tent. Several other churches joined us that day, too. It was a joyous occassion.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Claudia turns 13 September 26

Here we are having a wonderful time with Claudia. She is such a thoughtful, loving teen-ager.