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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Life on the range

Today is the first official day of Autumn and we are beginning to experience some weather change and the beautiful colors.Can you see our resident Blue Heron? He loves to spear the fish in the lake. We are suspicious that he is eating the Koi.

It is surely quiet around here with Scott and David in Romania for ten days with team members, Dan Horn and his two sons, Joshua and Stephen and Steve Breagy and his son Stephen. Deborah is in San Antonio to be with Peter, Kelly and Triumph for a week. Scott and the other men have been invited by the Emmanuel University in Oradea, Romania to teach and encourage the church there in home schooling, the family integrated church and Biblical Fatherhood. They have a rugged schedule this year because they will be traveling to other towns and churches.

Blair, Claudia, Bill and I are home taking care of "things".
Claudia has kept us supplied with home made bread. Ummmmm

Bill and I are attempting to edit some of Scott's sermons. It is an interesting exercise.

Blair studies several hours a day for her course in Mid-wifery. She was asked to attend and help with a birth last week. Her first official duty as a Doula. Doula? That was a new word for us. It simply means one who assists the mid-wife or doctor. The birth mother was very pleased with the way Blair was able to make her comfortable.

Do you remember the day in March 2007 when we killed and butchered the longhorn bull? Well here you see the end of the story. Lester drove many miles from the taxidermist with this head in the front seat of the truck. He said he got many strange looks and many double takes.

We knew where Deborah had decided to hang the critter so we went ahead and put him up as a surprise when she gets home. Lester brought some good help and it was done in no time. The hide is hanging on the opposite side of the big room of the barn.