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Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday night supper on the hill

After a successful couples retreat Friday night and Saturday and a very full church on Sunday, Peter suggested and implemented a cook-out on the hill. What a restful way to end the week-end. 

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our marriages and the marriages of our sons and daughters

Twenty six couples spent Friday night and all day Saturday considering their own marriages and the marriages of their sons and daughters.
The topics of discussion were a vision of oneness, a vision of Grace, a vision that reaches across the generations, a vision of preparation and release and a vision of a durable home life.
Scott was the main speaker and Peter and Kelly shared their courtship and marriage.
This seminar was sponsored by the National Center for Family Integrated Churches.

These couples came from Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, Maine, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Indiana and some I can't remember.  

Emily and Jenny Barnes came from Colorado to assist Blair in the preparation and serving of the food.  What a blessing these girls were.  Elizabeth Daming and Claudia were very much a part of this also. Thank you all so much for the delicious menus and the beautiful presentations of the meals.

Dessert was cheese cake and sparkling water.  This picture does not do justice to the effect of this presentation. 

Summer in the midst of winter

Carol Albright's 70th Birthday

Peter and Truimph
Carol and a few of her 23 grandchildren and great-grand children.

When Carol was 18, she went to Liberia, Africa as a missionary. As a surprise for her, Tom gathered some of the slides to show to the family who had never seen the pictures. What a joy to hear her tell the stories. Tom was a pilot with MAF and flew into her village and the two met. Most of their courtship was by Ham Radio. 

The party began with a cook-out and rides in the four-wheelers.

Walk Through the Bible

January 31,2009 Hope Baptist Church hosted "Walk Through the New Testament Seminar" We walked through the major people, places and events and major geographical movements of the New Testament. There were the 400 silent years between the New Testament and the Old Testament and we never gave much thought to what happened during that time. It was really interesting and revealing to us to learn that the Greek language became the dominate language, Rome was building roads, six political parties were formed: the Sanhedrin, the Scribes, Sadducees, Pharisees, Publicans and Zealots. These parties are not spoken of the the OT but are talked about right away in the NT. All of these developments were in preparation for the coming of Christ.
These boys are having fun looking at the speakers power point during the break.
Terry Seaman, the instructor, having fun with eager learners.