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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wer'e back after five weeks of planes, vans and cars

Now we are home again. We were greeted by a baby long horn calf, five baby kittens and Maggie trying to get this woodchuck to move away from the house.



Scott and family(that's us) attended a Renewing the Family Retreat at the

LifeWay Southern Baptist campground at Glorieta, NM Scott was one of the speakers. The others were Gary DeMar and Kevin Swanson. The retreat was sponsored by the Reformation Church in Castle Rock, CO and is pastored by Kevin Swanson.

It was a really rough camp as you can see by the lobby of the building where we stayed.

We were surrounded by beauty all week. This is the chapel where the teaching took place.

Psalm 23 greets you as you enter the camp grounds.

Fun and games at Glorieta.

Cora and Raymond Rogers drove up from Albuquerque to meet us for lunch. It was a first time meeting, however, there were many phone calls. Cora has done much research into the Holmsley family and brought many letters and interesting pictures of the Holmsley history in England. Cora first contacted brother Tom and he has yet to meet her.
Cora descends from our grandfather's brother.
Cora, Libby and I are busy getting acquainted and asking questions about the family

Colorado Springs CO. A visit with Frances and Charlie included an evening at the Flying W Ranch for barbeque and old cowboy songs.

Getting seated for the meal of barbeque, beans, applesauce and baked potato. Of course, we worked all day preparing the food.
Took a look at the Air Force Academy.

Once a flier always a flier.
Focus on the Family was impressive in its size, its location, its ministry. There are 1300
employees here. If you are ever in Colorado Springs, this is a must tour to take.

There is a G. Harvey Room.
This is the scope of outreach for Focus on the Family. A mighty work is being done here.

Frances and Charlie live on the fourth floor of this building.

While in Colorado Springs we got to visit Al and Lou Wynn. Al was the art teacher on Mt. Edgecumbe, Alaska when we were there. We had time to reminisce about the past but ran out of time before getting to talk about the present. It was a joy to see them again after all these years.
We apologize to you Al and Lou but we cannot find one picture that we too at your home and studio. Now, again all we have is memories.

Tried and tried to get in touch with Caty Neville then found out she had a heart attack and so we got to see her in the hospital. She was doing well in spite of it all and is home now.


Kris and Jo Ann and we are in the Army Navy Surplus store so that Kris could buy a gas mask for a costume party he is going to attend.
The Rykes Museum in Amsterdam in Holland is being renovated so many of the paintings are on loan to other museums. There was and exhibit of Rembrandt that we all enjoyed at the Portland Art Museum.

Kris and Nana WASHOUGAL, WA
Maurita and Tony Klement moved from Southern California to this beautiful setting in Washougal, WA. They hope eventually to be able to live off the land. They are learning a lot. Way in the back of this picture are chicken houses.
Lunch consisted of fresh chicken barbecued and raw milk which I, Mary, especially, really did enjoy.
The boys are good with the cows, the sheep and the chickens.

It was great to see this family again and catch up on their lives.

As of this posting there may be two or three more children in the family.

In Portland we were able to get to see very dear friends. Jo Ann, Bill and I are with Aletha Knopp and her mom Norene and her husband, Don. They live on Issaquah, WA. and drove down just so we could see each other. Aletha was about five when she and her parents left Alaska.

Aletha, Mary and JoAnn
Chuck and Maryann Mason. Chuck was the band director at Mt. Edgecumbe, Alaska when we were there.

Clyde and Lisa Cooper in Vancouver. We knew Clyde when he was a student at Biola and attending Calvary Church, Placentia. He now is pastor of an Evangelical Free church. We were really blessed to see him and to hear his message one Sunday morning.


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