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Monday, July 23, 2007

And the name is.......

Triumph Perseverance Bradrick....

Papa Peter spent almost an hour explaining why he and Kelly had so carefully chosen the name. They had studied men in the Bible and men of history who had achieved triumph over evil, sin, enemies, problems and obsticles in their lives and had done so with perseverance. Two of the men were David in the Bible and George Washington. There were many other notable men.

Triumph was given a Bible with large print so that he can learn to read it and and be able to read it in his old age. He was, also, given a world globe so that he can learn about the world into which he was born.

Each boy and man was asked to lay hands on Triumph and lift him up in prayer.

The whole evening was such an encouragement and a blessing to all who were there and they will most likely have great influence in his life.


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