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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jamestown Quadricentennial

Bill and Tuskeegee Airman and Medal of Honor Winner Ezra Hill had a great time comparing notes and talking about their experiences.

This was a grand and meaningful celebration at Jamestown, VA of the 400th year of the birth of our nation. There were many first here. The first Bible was brought to our shores. The Bible of the Jamestown settlers and the Pilgrims was the Geneva Bible as the King James version was yet to be.
The first Christian worship began here.
The first conversion took place here with Princess Pocahontas.
The first Christian Baptism,.
The first inter-racial marriage between John Rolfe and Princess Pocahontas.
The first school was established here. When Princess Pocahontas became Lady Rebecca in England she asked that there be a school established for the purpose of teaching her people to read so that they might read the scriptures and believe in Christ as their Savior as she had. Henricus College is still going strong.
The first Republican Representative form of government was established here and became the model for our constitution. When the people did not own their own land, they became lazy and disinterested in the affairs of the settlement.
The Jamestown settlers were sent by the English government and the charter stated that they were to spread the gospel and evangelize.
The Plymouth settlers were escaping Religious persecution.

We were here to celebrate God's providence in the founding of our country.
Richard Hakluyt, one of the Jamestown founders said this, "We shall by planting there inlarge the glory of the gospel, and from England plant sincere religion, and provide a safe and sure place to receive people from all parts of the worlds that are forced to flee for the truth of God's word."

We celebrated with tours of Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown. There were boat rides on the James River, tethered balloon rides, re-enactments, lectures, speeches , poetry recitations and plays.
We heard from Teddy Roosevelt, President John Tyler, Captain John Smith and witnessed the conversion and marriage of Princess Pocahontas to John Rolfe.

For two days about 4000 people gathered at Fort Pocahontas . This land has been owned by the Tyler family for many centuries. Men, women and children dressed for the ocassion. It was a sight to see.

The boys had a great time of learning the art of war.

Peter's mother and I linger after a meeting under the tent that seated 3000 people.

Fifers and drummers opened meetings and led the children's parade each of two days.

Hot air balloon rides gave a view of the land.

Peter's brother, Phillip , worked hard to see that everyone's needs were met.

People enjoyed picniking and visiting and resting. The festivities were from 9:00am to 10:00pm for two days at Fort Pocahantas.

The highlight of the two day celebration was the unveiling of the Children's Memorial. Many children sent $1 to fund this undertaking. In years past many monuments were dedicated to the founding of Jamestown but this year because of political correctness none others were laid.

The Great, great , great grandson of President John Tyler in on the platform to witness the unveiling. This private property is still in the hands of the Tyler family and they so graciously allowed this celebration to take place here.
The Bible is opened to Psalm 78:1-4

The east side, 'Honor your father and mother that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord Thy God givith thee."

The north side reads,"We, the grateful children of the twenty-first century, in gratitude to the Lord our God for the mercy and kindness bestowed upon the American people through His providential directiion and care of our Jamestown forefathers, do hereby erect this monument on the four hundredth anniversary of the Jamestown Settlement.

Dedicated in the year of our Lord, June 15, 2007

A time capsule with the names of all the contrubutors and letters written for the children to read in one hundred years is burried at the foot of the Memorial. Kelly and Peter wrote a letter for their decendents and plan to keep each genetation apprised of this so that in one hundred years at least one of them can be present at the opening of the capsule.

Elegant Claudia dressed for the ocassion.

Claudia is in the middle.

One evening we were priviliged to attend a dinner cruise on the James River and learned more about the landmarks. Charlie Zham provided songs of the era.

Now we are home and trying to sort out all we have learned and how to pass 0n the Providence of God not only at Jamestown but in our own lives.

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