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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Remembering Keith Holmsley Biedermann

Keith Holmsley Biedermann was the husband of Thuy, the father of Randi and Traci, the son of Ken and Libby, the brother of Paula, Tom and Kyle and the nephew of Mary Brown, Frances Stenicka and Tom Holmsley. Keith is remembered by many, many friends and co-workers.

On June 4, 2007 Keith and two other men were canyoneering in Zion National Park. It had been an exhausting day rappelling down canyon walls and in and out of pools of water. Light was fading. The first man was lowered down which took a long time. The second man rappelled down in the dark. No one knows for sure what happened when Keith began to climb down in the dark but he fell 300 feet to his death. Rangers were summoned and his body was taken to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Keith will be remembered for his love of his wife and two daughters and his passion to teach them all he could of God's creation. He taught them geology, butterflies, plants and animals with a passion. The Minister said of Keith that he was a participator, never a spectator, just as Christ is a participator in our lives even unto death.

God in his sovereignty and His perfect will has taken Keith to be with Him. We who are left trust that God's ways are perfect and if not in this life, in eternity, we will know the answer.

There were so many kindnesses, blessings and joys expressed by those who knew Keith and his character will be a beacon to all of us and his family.

We pray the Lord's mercy on the two men who witnessed this tragedy. May healing come quickly.

Our prayers are with Thuy and Randi and Traci as they face this new life together. Lord, have mercy on them and guide them and love them.


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