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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A cold and rainy Sunday Feb.25, 2007

The weather man predicted that Sunday would be about 60 degrees and sunny. Jake Dohm and Christiana Hellwig decided that they would like to be baptized. However, the day was rainy and in the 50's and the water temperature was 48 degrees. This did not deter either of them. They had made up their minds to be baptized and baptized they were. Christiana said that the water was warmer that the ground.

After church the congregation walked down to the pond, umbrellas in hand, to witness this act of obedience.

Jake Dohm and his father Jason

Christiana Hellwig being baptized by Jason Dohm.

Usually the weather is agreeable and the children can play outside. There were several groups of boys playing games. The girls gathered in our living room to play with babies and talk.

On Saturday, Uncle Dale Albright added some fun for the cousins and friends when he shot off his rocket. It went about 1400 feet into the air.

Up it goes and goes and goes and where does it lands ?............

on the roof of the barn. David is the retriever.

The second shot landed right where it was supposed to out in the field.


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