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Monday, April 23, 2007

Parade in Beautiful Downtown Rolesville, April 14

This day marked the beginning of Little League Season in Beautiful Downtown Rolesville., population 1000. We live just six minutes from Rolesville but our mailing address is Wake Forest which is twenty minutes away. This is where we shop for groceries, get gasoline, go to Ace Hardware and MacDonald's.
We and an old tractor were the only "non" Little League participants.
David and Claudia are in the trailer with eight of Lester and Ruth Barham's grandchildren. Scott, Lester, Ruth and I are riding in the jeep. It was a lot of fun because between Lester and Scott they knew almost every one in the parade and on the street.
Little League teams in trucks and trailers made up the bulk of the parade and it lasted, in all, twenty minuets,maybe.


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