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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Harvesting the Herd

It was 7:30 on Saturday morning. It was 27 degrees and time to harvest the herd. The beautiful
long horn bull met his demise today. A Black Angus was also killed and the meat taken to the processor

Lester Barham, without whom this farm could not operate, fired the perfect shot. The bull was killed instantly. The horns from point to point were a little over five feet across.

Deborah's cousin, Sam Stevens and his family came from Aiken, SC just so Sam could skin the animal a prepare the carcass for hanging at the processors. He and his family raise cattle.

The carcass is loaded onto the back of the truck to be taken to the processors to be hung at least two weeks before being cut into steaks and hamburger.
The hide has been taken to the tanner to be made into a rug and the head has been taken to the taxidermist to be mounted. It will hang somewhere in the barn.

Sam and Maria Stevens, their three sons, and Kelly and Shelly Hammond and their five children were here for the week-end. It was a delightful time. The barn is able to accommodate a lot of people.


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