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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Back in the Blog business

February 17, 2006 we drove away from Fredericksburg. Barry and Joyce Troutman helped to make the move pleasant and easy by driving the Budget truck with all our belongings and pulling the VW bug behind it. On February 20. 2006 we arrived in Wake Forest, North Carolina. It has been a very good year for us and we are very sure that this was the right move. It doesn't seem like a year. Time has really flown. I keep saying that there really is life after Texas.

From November to the middle of December we were on the West Coast with the Massaris (Carol, Fred and Christina) What a joy. It was also a time of visiting with many friends.

Our plan was to drive from CA to Colorado Springs, CO to visit with Frances and Charlie and bring Frances with us to El Paso but the huge snow storm arrived and all roads were closed so we headed straight south to El Paso. Our brother Tom and his wife Mary graciously took us in four days earlier than planned. Frances finally flew to El Paso on Christmas Day.

Now you can read of our Texas adventures and other events since. We are now back in the Blog business and if all goes well, we will keep up.

All of us here in the barn really did enjoy the movie Facing the Giants. Hope you get to see it.


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