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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fifty Ninth Wedding Anniversary

On December 23, 2006 Mary's brother Tom and his wife Mary, sister Libby and her husband Ken and Bill and I drove about an hour from El Paso, TX to Columbus, NM . Tom and Mary had flown there with friends before and knew all about going to Paloma, Mexico. It is a charming place and brought back many memories of the way Juarez used to be when we were younger. Now it is not safe to be in Juarez at all.
There is no river to cross here from Columbus, NM to Paloma Mexico. You just walk across the border.

We do not like going to Juarez, Mexico but felt very safe here in the small town of Paloma.

Cell phone service stops dead at the border. So we took avantage of the chance to call Carol and JoAnn to let them know where we were .

There is a small museum in Columbus telling of the history of the area and particularly of General Pershing and his pursuit of Benito Juarez.

This is the entrance to the Pink Store. The Pink Store is THE place in town for tourists.

Most every one got a fabulous Mexico shoe shine. Libby said that she always wanted to get a shoe shine. This was a dream come true. The man shining shoes said that he has made several unsuccessful attempts to cross the border to find work.

Oh, the shopping!

Benito Juarez and General Pershing shaking hands in the court yard of the Pink store. Bill and Ken are confirming the unlikely "friendship".

Libby and Ken, Mary and Tom, Bill and Mary are enjoying a muy sabroso lunch and being entertained by strolling musicians. A special song was sung for The Browns for thier anniversary.


Blogger Jerry and Elsa Porter said...

Congratulations on your 59 years of love and marriage. Elsa and I are approaching 40 years. Blessings to both of you. The Blog site is neat. Happy 59th Anniversary. Jerry and Elsa Porter

10:40 AM  

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