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Monday, December 28, 2009

December 2009

the month of December was the Sufficiency of Scripture Conference. Every word of God is all we need. It is a letter of truth to each one of us. There were 2600 attendees. It would take pages to outline all the details that Scott, Deborah, Blair, David, Claudia and Peter with 4 Interns and many more accomplished. For more information please go the and to Doug's Blog on
Even though Bill and I spent most of our time at our booth, we were in a place where we could hear all the Key note speeches in the main auditorium.

Christmas at the barn. Presents for Triumph and Knox.

I am enjoying everything that is going

Lincoln logs for Triumph but the whole family gets involved.

Deborah made the most delicious "sticky buns" for Christmas and we all enjoyed them by the fire.

The Jason and Janet Dohm very thoughtfully and graciously drove us home from the conference. This is one of the fast food meal stops during the 10 + hour drive home from Kentucky. Oh, and Meghan, too.
What do you do to recuperate from a huge conference that has taken months to prepare and execute? Well, welcome visitors, bake Christmas goodies, enjoy the grandbabies( our great grandbabies, relax(?) and get ready for Christmas.

The Breagy visit

We celebrated our 62nd wedding anniversary by having a hamburger at the Remington Grill.

This is the lobby of the Marriott Hotel in Covington, KY were we stayed during the Sufficiency of Scripture Conference.

These are many of the Interns and volunteers that helped to hold every detail together.
Many people, young and old, came by our booth to talk to Bill about his WWII experience and to tell their stories of their own family members who were involved in the war. Of course, we enjoyed seeing many friends who came by to say, "Hi".

Jonathan Langford, one of the Interns from WA.
We had a booth set up to sell Kelly's book, Coming In On a Wing and a Prayer, The League of Grateful Sons.
Our daughter, Carol and her friend Christy Hagemeister designed and executed an Iwo Jima memento with a vial of Iwo Jima sand that was brought back in water bottles and back packs from Iwo Jima in 2005 when the film was made. Bill and a friend are showing the memento and Kelly's book below.
Abigail, Rebekah and Laura Dohm were delightful helpers and visitors to our booth.

We flew from CA to Indianapolis where Erica Daming very graciously picked us up at the airport at midnight. It was a long day of delays and delays because of weather but we finally arrived at the Daming home for a good nights sleep. The Dohm family from NC were visiting there, also. It was a treat to see them, too.
We woke up in the morning to see snow. Everyone was excited and the children could hardly wait to run and play in it. Here Isasc has come in to warm up by the fire.
Bill and Danielle are really taking advantage of fire.
Heidi Daming and Anna Dohm have come in to warm up after riding the dirt bike around the property.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
This picture is out of place because it is taken from the window of our hotel room in Covington, KY. There was a walk way from the Marriott Hotel to the convention center so we did not have to brave the weather.


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