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Monday, July 13, 2009

A quiet respite with the Noahs and Sagamore Hill

After the hustle and bustle of Boston-lectures everyday and evening, parades, walking to historic sites and talking with many people-the stop-over at the Noahs was balm for the soul.
Many, many thanks to Ashok, Sona and Andrea for your hospitality, food, the spiritual uplift and fellowship. This was what we all needed before returning home.
We traveled in a caravan of the Damings motor home, a 15 passenger van, an excursion and our Avalon. Twenty seven of us descended on the Noahs for the night.

The Noahs back yard provided much pleasure what with the pool, the Zip-line and trampoline.
Andrea is holding Knox while other are eating.
Kelly entertained us with the piano and flute.  Andrea is proficient on both instruments and several others.
We are all enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.

On to Sagamore Hill...Sona and Andrea prepared a very elegant picnic for us after the tour of Teddy Roosevelt's home. If you have not read about Teddy Roosevelt and Sagamore Hill, please do. He was a principled visionary of our time.

More, please.
Peter is showing Daniel, Adam, Noah and Triumph how to roll down the hill.
The Gang is all here.  The Damings, the Browns, Meghan Dhom, Ryan Glick and Taylor Tsantles.

The carving above the door is latin for "He who plants will preserve"


Blogger Ashok said...

Dear Bill and Mary,
It was an honor to have had the opportunity to have you both all to ourselves for several hours on the drive back from Boston to New York... To have you in our home was a dream come true! Our only regret is that the visit was such a short one. Please come and visit again!

1:33 PM  

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