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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On the way to Boston

On Monday June, 29 Scott, Deborah, Blair, David, Claudia, Ryan Glick, Meghan Dohm and Bill and I left Rolesville at 7:00 AM in two vehicles and headed for Boston MA for the Reformation 500 a celebration of 500 years of the Faith of Our Fathers. Fifteen long but now tedious hours later we arrived at the Park Plaza Hotel for the six day stay.

Doug Phillips says," We gather on the Quincentenary of the birth of John Calvin, the man most responsible for influencing Western Civilization with the liberty-advancing doctrines of the reformation. Calvin has correctly been called America's true founding father, and he was the undisputed theological giant of the Reformation. As we remember the influence of Calvin and his fellow reformers, we celebrate the mighty providence of  God in the life of His Church through the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. We do so because our sons and daughters must not only stand firm in a day of tremendous compromise and spiritual confusion, they must follow the example of their Reformation fathers by advancing the crown rights of Jesus Christ in every sphere of life and thought. 


Tuesday June 30 Bill and I drove to Weymouth to visit Ed and Diane Bates.  Bill and Ed last saw each other on Iwo Jima in 1945.  It was a very sweet reunion of two Christian brothers.
Ed grew up in Weymouth so he drove us to see his old neighborhood, his schools, and other points of interest. One of which was the birth place of Abigail Adams and the Congregational Church where her father was the minister.  Ed's grandfather, father and the family attended this church for many years. 
Trying to catch up on what has happened in 64 years is impossible in such a short time. We need to visit again.


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