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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Boston continued July 2,

There are no pictures of day two.
Paul Jehle taught us about John Robinson: the Shepherd of America.
John Robinson never came to America but he was the pastor teacher of the Pilgrims before they came. He taught the Pilgrims to reason biblically, understand the home, church and civil government, and follow the Scriptural admonition to be "peacemakers".

Kevin Swanson stressed that God must come back into center in truth and life.  True christians hold to the Centrality and Sovereignty of God in man's reality, ethics, and truth. This was the theme of the Reformers.

Now, for the real adventure.  Claudia, Meghan Dohm and I(Mary) had signed up for a tour of Massachusetts State House with Paul Jehle.  It was pouring rain so we hailed a taxi and arrived in time. However, we forget to take umbrellas and got soaked crossing the street and climbing up the many steps to the building.
The tour was great. It is astonishing to see the murals and many artifacts depicting the Christian heritage in the establishment of the Massachusetts colony.
We got to sit at the desks of the House of Representatives since the house was not in session. I was Christopher Donolon for 20 minutes.  Can't remember if he was Republican or Democrat.
Paul Jehle has made it his mission in life to educate this state of its heritage and has books and DVD's coming out soon. His research will be in the State House and copies will be available and/or given to members of the House and Senate and the curator. Pray that these writings will be read.
In the State House a large cod-fish is hanging from the ceiling. The cod-fish is the symbol of economics.  No one can control the direction that a cod-fish swims and so the government is to keep its fingers out of the economy. When it was necessary to move the fish from the old chamber to a larger chamber, it was wrapped very carefully so that no government official's fingers touched it. It hangs so that nothing touches it.  Oh, that this were still true today. Our government disregards this clear admonition of our fore-fathers in the way we should govern.
To be continued...........


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