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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Memorial Day

It is hard to tell one Memorial Day from another except that some of the speakers are different.  The crowd this year seemed especially happy and grateful to be in the presence of veterans from World II, Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan.  Dr. David Lanier always comes dressed as a Civil War Veteran and has interesting stories and songs to share.

Jon Blake was the veteran from Afghanistan.  When he finished his speech, I ran over to meet him and ask if he knew my nephew, Tim Holmsley.  Low and behold, he did and had served with him there.  This was truly a serendipity meeting.

There were eight World II veterans.   The four Price brothers served in different branches of the service and in different theaters of the war.  They have many stories to tell.
Of, course, Bill Brown, Bill Henderson, Buck Bunn and Art Burry were the repeats that everyone looks forward to seeing and hearing from.

Claudia and Heidi Daming sold ice cream and made a good profit.
Doug Philips was a guest speaker. He gave many interesting insights into the life of George Washington.


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