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Thursday, November 29, 2007

On the Road in California #8

On the Road in California # 8
November 8, 2007
Still on I-40, we crossed the Colorado River at Needles. The Colorado River is the boundary between CA and AZ.

We were reminded that in WWII General George Patton trained his desert tank corps in this desert because it was very much like the Sahara Desert in North Africa. Brookman was a pilot friend of mine. His dad was an adjutant for General Patton and he talked many times about the pistols that Patton wore on each hip and of Patton’s bravery.

Scott and his dad built a Folboat kayak from a kit which was purchased from Columbia, SC. We used it on the Colorado River and the Russian River in Northern California and other camping trips. What a marvelous project for a father and son.

We arrived in Placentia (a Spanish word for a pleasant place) to stay with Fred, Carol and Christina Massari. Carol is our daughter.

When we were in San Antonio, Texas, we told you about the Edwards Aquifer. Under Orange County California there is a huge aquifer which supplies much of the water for the county. The water comes from the San Ana River and rainfall. There are layers of huge boulders, smaller rocks and gravel which makes for a natural filter system. Along the coast there is a natural barrier of clay so that the salt water of the ocean does not mix with the fresh water in the aquifer. This Aquifer supplies half the water for the county and the rest comes from the Colorado River and Northern California.
Question…Where does Raleigh get its water? We don’t know. Tell us when we get back.

Placentia is right next to Fullerton where we lived for 38 years so we are very familiar with the area. This is a great area to live because one can be playing in the snow in the mountains only an hour away and/or in the desert in about 45 minutes, and/or playing in the Pacific Ocean only 30 minutes away. We loved doing all of these things. The bustling city is all around with Disney Land, Knott’s Berry Farm, Griffith Observatory and California State Fullerton where Scott got a degree in History.

Our son-in-law, Fred is an electrician for the County of Orange. One of his many jobs is seeing that the communication system for the county is in properly maintained. During the fires about a month ago, he was called to the Loma Ridge Communication Command Center. When he arrived, firemen had encircled the building and were on top of the building to see that the flames, which were licking at it, could not advance. Fred was really in the safest place in Southern California. He did get ash in one eye and had to wear a patch for several days.

Scott was a passionate surfer and we might add a very good surfer. One of his favorite surfing beaches was called Church. He was often in attendance.

Newport Beach was our favorite beach to play.

Find the famous Island off the coast out from Long Beach. There is a camp there called Campus by the Sea sponsored by Intervarsity Christian Fellowship where we all participated for several years. Scott taught the Junior High group one year and Deborah was one of the campers. Bill and I taught the 5th and 6th graders and did crafts. The city on the Island is named Avalon.

More to come……

Love, Gan and GranMary


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