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Thursday, January 10, 2008

End of the Road Trip #11

End of the Road Trip #11

January 29, Fredericksburg, TX We were greeted at Ryneth ( the name of Ken and Libby’s home in the country) by Tom and Terri Biedermann who had left El Paso on the 28th and drove all night to FBG. They had sister Frances in tow, also. We and Libby and Ken left the next day.

Most of Terri’s family live in the San Antonio area so we celebrated New Year’s Eve and day with her mother, two brothers, sister and nephews.

Tom and Terri prepared the most sumptuous dinner. Tom loves to cook gourmet meals and he really showed himself proud for New Year’s Eve. He prepared an 18 pound crown pork roast with dressing, garlic mashed potatoes, vegetables, sautéed apples and pears. The first course was acorn squash soup, mmmmmmm good. Everything was superb. We ate, played games, watched The League of Grateful Sons and on TV we watched the ball fall in Times Square. A new year has begun.

We stayed in the little log cabin down by the pond. This cabin had been dismantled log by log on a ranch and transported to the Biedermann property and assembled log by log. It is very rustic but does have an indoor bathroom with all the conveniences. Hooray!!!

Libby and I had breakfast with the “walking group” on Wednesday morning. It was so good to reunite with special friends.

Bill and I went to the National Museum of the War in the Pacific where we had been docents. They showed us the expansion plans which will be finished in two years. It will be double the size that it is now. Some day you should visit this important Museum.

It is always hard to leave Fredericksburg. The eleven years we lived there was a significant season in our lives.

On to Conroe, just north of Houston, to visit the Blackwells who had also lived in Fredericksburg for a season. They had a wonderful surprise for us. Their pastor came by and introduced himself, “ Hello, I’m Buddy Burns. I grew up in Ysleta, Texas”. Well, so did I. (Mary) What fun we had reminiscing and remembering all the people and happenings there. He is ten years younger than I but we still knew all the same people and had both graduated from Ysleta High School. Ysleta isn’t even on the map any more but when we were there the population was about 2500. It is now incorporated in El Paso. The Ysleta Mission, touted to be the second oldest mission in the US, second to St. Augustine, FL, is still on the map. Ysleta is an ancient Indian word meaning island. There is a tribe in NM spelled Isleta to which they are related.

Before we leave Texas, we need to tell you that just south of Houston the final decisive battle for Texas Independence was fought at San Jacinto. Santa Ana was finally defeated. He tried to disguise himself by putting on a regular soldier’s uniform but when he passed his men who had been taken prisoner by the Texans, they recognized him and called out, General, general, general..(hen-e-RAL) He was beloved by his troops. Santa Ana signed the surrender document and was deported to Mexico. His popularity grew and he was elected to be President of Mexico. Texas became The Republic of Texas: a country of its own and later became a state of the United States.
The Space Center is in Houston.

Traveled I-10 to Louisiana. Found the last room available for a 100 mile radius of New Orleans because of the College Bowl game between Ohio State and LSU (Louisiana State University). Bill’s family was living in Baton Rouge in 1950. We left Alaska for a vacation and to get our degrees in Education from LSU. LSU won the game.

We have driven east to west in this extensive landscape of God’s creation. We are in awe of its vastness and beauty and order. The Lord Jesus Christ has blessed us with manifold blessings and you our readers are some of those blessings.

Today, January 8, we complete our journey on Bill’s birthday. What a great way to celebrate his 85 years. An added blessing is that Peter, Kelly and Triumph are here. We are blessed to see our children’s children’s children.

I-10 to Mobile, AL I-65 to Montgomery, AL I-85 to Atlanta to I-20…. I-20 to I-95 to I-40 to Raleigh. We will take the 540 loop then up 401 to Rolesville, NC and on to the Barn.

We covered 15 States, 6300 Miles in 11 Weeks. Whew!!! It is good to be home at last.

So Long for now and thanks for traveling with us.


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