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Monday, December 28, 2009

Orchid Street....California

Fred and Frank Startup, a neighbor solving all the world's problems.
The residents of Orchid Dr. welcomed a new couple to the neighborhood. This is a very stable street. It is rare that anyone moves in or out. Many have lived here for 30 to 50 years.

Christina baked a wonderful apple pie for Thanksgiving.

The weather was so beautiful that we ate out on the patio.
The Massaris got a new table and chairs just in time for Christmas.
The Christmas Neighborhood gathering was hosted by the Massaris, the Penners and the Hagemeisters. This is a great tradition to give honor and share Our Lord Jesus Christ to our neighbors.
Many Orchid Dr and Wilson Ave neighbors gathered for a Christmas Celebration. Carols were sung, the Christmas Story was read by 4 men from the book of Luke, more carols were sung then goodies were eaten. It really was a wonderful way to begin the Christmas Season.
Everyone brought favorite cookies to be enjoyed after the singing.


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