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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Koi, Koi, Koi

On October 1st we drove 2 hours south to the Blue Lodge Fish Hatchery in Kernersville to pick up 120 baby Koi. Some were 3-4 inches some were 5 -6 inches and 10 were 12 inches long.
They begin their life in these tanks,

Their Koi pond is the envy of every Koi owner. My, oh my it is beautiful. The water is crystal clear. They filter their water which is something that is beyond us at this time. Since Koi are bottom feeders, we are hoping that they will keep the ponds relatively clean. That is the real purpose behind having Koi.

The welcoming committee was Scott, Claudia, Grace Breagy, Knox and Rylie and Elise Van Wingerdon.
Peter, Barry Daming and Triumph rounded out the onlookers.

The fish came in plastic bags in 4 boxes. Scott put the bags into the pond water to let the water in the bags get to the temperature of the pond to spare the fish of shock.

After about 20 minutes the bags were opened and some pond water was poured into them to further insure that the fish were getting acclimated.
Claudia is testing out the water.
Triumph was reluctant at first to touch the fish but it did not take long for him to like it.

All the fish were dumped into the pond and Mr. Van Wingerdon moved a flat rock to the edge of the pond so that we can enjoy a viewing platform.

So far the fish have stayed at the bottom of the pond in the mud. They have not come up for food so we hope that they are happy. We know they are not dead because none of them are floating on top.


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