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Sunday, November 09, 2008

The State of Washington

Washington was beautiful the whole two weeks that we were there. The sun shone everyday and the autumn colors of the trees, according to the locals, were more brilliant than they had been in years.

We went to a restaurant called the Montage in Portland. Some one must be paid full time to create aluminum foil sculptures as "doggy bags". The left-overs in this creation are in the belly of the sea horse.  It was very entertaining to watch what people were taking home.

Taylor Tsantles and Philip Bradrick entertained us after dinner. Stephen joined them with the violin.

Our grandson, Kris Kavanagh, and Jacy are quite the needle experts.  Jacy is crocheting a silk hat.

What a joy to be with Philip, Susan, Michael,Stephen, Kathryn, Amy Ellen, and Cecily Bradrick for a couple of days.  They live on a farm in a beautiful valley in Montesano, WA near Aberdeen.
JoAnn and I(Mary) attended the Mother/Daughter Tea that the Heritage Foundation of home schooling sponsored in Tacoma, WA. The Bradrick ladies are behind all the planning of food, decorations and entertainment that goes into an undertaking like this. Deborah was the main speaker and Blair and Claudia added their thoughts as daughters.  They gave very inspirational talks.
The Bradricks and the Browns

Happy 22nd birthday, Kris. So glad that we could share it with you.

JoAnn, Sarah, Jerod and Bill


The day that the ladies spent at the Mother/Daughter Tea the guys had a great time at the Boeing Air Museum in Seattle.
They all tried to land a plane in the simulator. They laughed a lot while relating the crashes. 
Philip, Stephen, Scott, Michael, David and Taylor. Bill took the picture.


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